Personal memories this month, and next

Thank you Sharon (Chair of CWC) for writing this month’s blog post.
Thank you to Jean for last week’s session (19 February). We had a great time sharing some personal stuff in our writing which was incredibly moving. Thank you to you all for being so upfront in sharing so much! And Jean, how did going from Penny Lively’s ‘Making It Up’ and ‘confabulation’ get us all so brilliantly scribbling away? The session was much appreciated, especially as I know you had that really stinking horrible cold. 
Next month, March 19th, Manny is leading the session. She’s dubbed it ‘Pandora’s Box’ so yes, expect anything. Though we are not getting off scot free. Manny has asked we all bring an envelope with us containing something special, something treasured, something personal to us – something priceless and irreplaceable. It can be a photograph capturing a memory or an object. Write your name on the outside of the envelope but make it small and discreet so it’s not obvious who brought the envelope. Who knows where we might end up!
Also, a reminder. Anyone who has not told Maryon they are coming to Exeter Cathedral on April 16 do let her know. More details at the next meeting. 

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