Annual General Meeting 15 October

… no, don’t go away!  This is important!

Possibly the MOST IMPORTANT issue we need to sort out at the AGM is where to meet, now that the Ambulance Hall is no longer available (to us, or anyone! We’re not the only Chudleigh group to have been made homeless as a result of its closure.)  We shall also be making decisions about LitFest 2015. The meeting will be at Manny’s house.  If any member hasn’t received Roger’s e-mail with the agenda and accounts attached, drop a note to and we’ll rectify the situation.

And now, an apology: sorry we haven’t posted anything for a while.  This silence was largely owing to holidays – ours and other people’s, who will come and visit us in Devon – over the summer months.  CWC still met as usual, although with slightly depleted numbers.  At August’s meeting, we had a do-it-yourself session led by Maryon and Colin who got us inventing a character from a photograph then a story from snippets of overhead conversations. In September Kate and Manny hosted a day of writing exercises in which a superb lunch featured.

Remember our local short story competition runs until 31 January.


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