CWC Meeting 17th November at The Rest Centre, Chudleigh.

This was our first meeting in our new home; the Town Hall Rest Centre, and very comfortable it was.

Present: Kate, Margaret B, Margaret M, Jackie, Marion, Des, Sharon, Di, Roger, Frances K, Colin, Maryon.

We also welcomed Jaimie (lady) from Chudleigh Knighton, who was trying us out. She did say that she was coming in December and possibly bringing a friend, so we must have done something right.

Colin and Maryon Avery led the session:

Colin led the warm-up with an exercise on embarrassment – episodes in our lives where we had got it badly wrong. Colin did provide a crib list of situations to aid us (wrong person, misreading a situation etc.) but most of us had no difficulty recalling embarrassing situations. We then progressed to turning our efforts into the beginning of a short story. The results generated much hilarity (if you weren’t there  ask Des about his encounter with the naked Duchess when he was 17).

Maryon then briefed us on how to be a columnist, and we all tried our hands at writing a newspaper column, followed by voluntary readings.


*Frances Kline’s daughter has had much success with her writing and she invited us to look up her web-site on

*Kate reminded the meeting that there was a consultation exercise starting on the need for a Community Centre in Chudleigh. Please see the questionnaire in this month’s Phoenix ( ) or there will be paper copies in the Christmas booklet being distributed to all houses (+ copies in the Town Hall).

Our next meeting is Mon 15 December when Sharon will lead us in something to do with Christmas. This is also our Christmas bring-&-share lunch so if you haven’t told Sharon what you can bring then please get in touch with her. We cannot stay in the Rest Centre into the afternoon so at 12.00 we will be adjourning to the Avery’s house just across the road. Many thanks to Maryon and Colin for the offer. I am told that there is a ‘fridge in the Rest Centre kitchen so we can keep food there during the meeting.

Roger Brandon.


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