Members’ Successes

Two members of CWC reported good news at our monthly meeting last week:

Angie tells stories

On Wednesday 25th April, Angela Wooldridge will be joining writers of speculative fiction around the world on a storytime blog hop. Go to her blog to read Angie’s story and find the links for the others.

Angie, who is also a member of Exeter Writers, has had short stories published recently in The People’s Friend and My Weekly. In December 2017, she participated in the Indie Author Advent Calendar.

Bea wins a prize

Brenda (Bea) Hutchings  was over the moon when she heard  from Jonathan Telfer, editor at Writing Magazine, that she’d won second place in the ‘Nostalgia‘ poetry competition. The poem ‘A Cup of Cold Coffee ‘  was published in the magazine and online at

”I wrote the poem when my sons left home and the spare room became my study and art studio. It was one of those ’empty nest’ moments I think. It was brilliant seeing it in Writing Magazine. May 2018. Issue. Alison Chisholm’s wonderful comments were the icing on the cake for me.”

Brenda has also been treading the boards at Toads this week in the stage play of Steel Magnolias, which finishes in style today, Sat 21st April, with two performances.

She is editor of the Croak Newsletter for Toads Little Theatre, Torquay, which can be found on

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