News Round-Up

This week, there’s news of success for one member; a bitter-sweet achievement for another; and an update on this year’s Literary Festival.

Sharon’s Success

First of all, huge congratulations to CWC Vice-Chair, Sharon Cook, who has been shortlisted in a Writing Magazine competition. Sharon is no stranger to short story writing, as she is the co-author of  Life is Not a Trifling Affair and Life is Not a Bed of Roses. However, this is the first time she’s entered one of the monthly WM themed competitions and she is understandably very

chuffed with herself. Well done, Sharon. Here’s hoping it’s a sign of things to come!

Celia’s Run

CWC member, Celia Moore, had been training hard for months for this year’s London Marathon, when life threw a real curve-ball her way. Let’s hear her story in her own words.

“Just before Easter, my mum became poorly and went into hospital. She quickly became worse and was diagnosed with sepsis. While she was in intensive care, one of the numerous scans showed up secondary cancer in her spine. We were given the terrible news she had just a few months left. This was a massive shock to all, who only know Mum planning her next trip with Peter, her husband – she was so fit and healthy just days before.

Celia (left) with daughter, Kate

I deferred my entry to the London Marathon, although the amazing £2500 I’d already raised for Macmillan will still be going to that fabulous charity. But, I decided to continue raising money for local cancer charities; Hospiscare and Force. So, last Sunday, I did my own marathon: running  26.2 miles along the river and canal in Exeter with my husband, Paul and daughter, Kate on their bikes beside me.

Here is a photo after I finished my run. My thighs were like jelly and my hips hurt like mad and Kate was holding me up! Not too many blisters but one of my heels was quite bruised, so walking afterwards, I looked like I was pretty drunk; especially with the big grin on my face that I had done it!

Mum is recovering slowly from the sepsis and getting stronger each day. If you’d like to sponsor me the link to my Virgin Giving Page is here.  Or just look up Celia Moore on the Virgin Giving Site.   Thank you xx”

Lit Fest Update

There’s more news today about the networking event being held on the afternoon of Wednesday 11th July. Two new features this year, including the chance to win a great prize, if you are brave enough to face the dragons. Check it out by clicking here.

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