The Business of Writing


Author and CWC Treasurer, Elizabeth Ducie, has a very busy week coming up. This Thursday she’s re-launching not one, not two, but three books, all on the same day. She’ll be having a party to celebrate; and everyone’s invited!

Elizabeth’s series of books on The Business of Writing first came out in 2014. Their aim is to provide a simple route by which writers can set up and run their own small businesses.

“They’re not about how to improve as a writer,” says Elizabeth, “there are plenty of books out there already doing that. They’re about the business skills we all need as writers.”

A scientist by training and a small business owner for more than twenty-five years, Elizabeth is very comfortable with numbers, paperwork and business systems. But she meets many other writers who don’t have the same skills and are often unsure of what’s required. She will be delivering workshops on the topic in August at Swanwick Writers’ Summer School and before that, at Penzance Literary Festival in July.

BoW Parts 1-3

The first three books in the series are: Part 1 Business Start-Up; Part 2 Finance mattersand Part 3 Improving Effectiveness. The first editions were completely UK-focused. This new, second edition has been updated and also widened to include a more international approach, particularly in relation to the US. The books are currently on preorder on Amazon and all other major online platforms; the release date is 31st May.

And that party? Like the books, it’s online and you can find details by clicking here. As you would expect from a former production manager experienced in ‘Just In Time’ manufacturing, Elizabeth is still finalising the details, but she promises a great prize draw for anyone who comes along on the day to help her celebrate the rebirth of her three books.

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