Update on the Chudleigh Dragons…

We’ve read all the entries and we’ve come to a decision. There will be eight presentations to the Chudleigh Dragons on Wednesday 11th July. It’s going to be a fun afternoon, so do come along and support these local authors sharing their latest work-in-progress and pitching for a great prize at the same time.

The authors and their works are as follows:

Gail Aldwin with The String Games

Jean Burnett with Cassie Combie and the Brush of Death

Jo Cole with After the Branding

Brenda Hutchings with Call Me By My Number

Suzanne McConaghy with Takeover

Celia Moore with Culmfield Cuckoo

Chip Tolson with Joe’s Beech

Lin Treadgold with Harold the Good Soldier

Our Chudleigh Dragons this year are award-winning novelist, Sophie Duffy; founder of Devon Book Club, Ian Hobbs; and author and publisher, Dr Tarja Moles. You can read all about them by clicking here.

We’re looking forward to hearing the presentations and wish all the contenders good luck. The winner will be offered the opportunity to submit a synopsis and the first three thousand words of their novel for assessment by Exeter Novel Prize judge, Sophie Duffy. We are very grateful to Sophie and to Creative Writing Matters for sponsoring this prize.

Face the Chudleigh Dragons will be held on Wednesday 11th July during the networking event at Chudleigh Literary Festival. The event is free to attend and open to writers from across the southwest of England. Full details of the festival can be found on our website and you can download a booking form here.

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