Duet In Words And Pictures

PicturesVice-Chair, Anne Chinneck, reflects on DUET IN WORDS AND PICTURES, a recent exhibition in Chudleigh Church in which Chudleigh Writers’ Circle collaborated with Newton Abbot Writers Group and Newton Abbot Photographic Group.

“I hope as many of you as possible were able to visit this exhibition, displayed in Chudleigh parish church as part of Chudfest. If not, you missed a real treat.

This was the first time the selection of 20 photographs, with their accompanying pieces of writing, had been displayed as part of the Newton Abbot Joint Arts Project. Even I had almost forgotten what my allocated photograph looked like when I saw it again in the church along with my piece of writing.

Each photo is totally different in subject matter. Seeing them all displayed together for the first time I realised how each piece of writing is also a unique interpretation of each photo


Picture 2As you can see from the attached pictures here, the display really stood out in the church. I know it was much admired and appreciated by visitors during the week of the exhibition.

The next stage of this joint project is the point at which the Newton Abbot Artists’ Group become involved. Each artist has been given one of the pieces of writing from which he/she will create a painting without ever having seen the original photograph.

The resulting collaboration of all three groups of work will be exhibited at T.A.A.G. in Teignmouth between 3rd and 16th November 2018. This will be a unique artistic endeavour, so put the dates in your diary now. Something not to be missed!”

Anne Chinneck

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