Fireworks and (Some) Success

FireworksIt was a busy night in Teignmouth, and when we saw the crowds of people streaming across the car park, we thought briefly they were all headed for TAAG. But no; we had chosen the date of the annual firework display as the night we would launch our exhibition with a private viewing. So apologies to anyone who struggled with parking.

The Art of Collaboration

sdrBut despite that, we have around fifty creatives and guests at the event and the feedback has been very good so far. The displays look wonderful and several of the paintings have already been sold, much to the delight of the artists. The photographers are also selling prints on request. Selling our words is a little more difficult, but we have a great display of members’ books and other merchandise for sale.

If you’ve not been down there yet, and you aren’t on the stewarding rota, do drop in before 16th November. It really is worth checking out. Oh, and the photographers are champing at the bit to have a go at interpretation themselves. So look out for another challenge coming up very soon.

Age UK Competition

The results have been published for the short story competition organised by Age UK as part of the Exeter Literary Festival. Although we didn’t win any of the prizes. Elizabeth Ducie was highly commended; this is the first competition she’s entered all year and she’s chuffed at the result.

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    The photographer whose picture I wrote about said my story was well written and had ‘got’ the photo, before I told him I was the author.

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