The Power of Networking

IMG_2068CWC member, Elizabeth Ducie, was on BBC Radio Devon this week, on the Michael Chequer show. He was featuring all things book-related and had invited Devon Book Club founder, Ian Hobbs to talk about how he set up the network, which in just four years has grown to more than 3000 members across four platforms: Facebook, Twitter, Goodreads and YouTube. Ian asked for a couple of volunteers to join him. Elizabeth, who is no stranger to the Plymouth studio and can be found there a couple of times each year recording Pause for Thought, jumped at the opportunity.

The third guest was Lynn West, a member of staff from Libraries Unlimited. Elizabeth was delighted to find out that not only does Lynn live just a few streets away in Chudleigh, but her husband also works for LU and is involved in procurement of ebooks and book club sets for Devon Libraries. Needless to say, there was some swapping of email addresses going on.

The programme went very well. Michael had asked for a couple of paragraphs background in advance, and he used this information to steer the conversation. There was the opportunity to talk about what we are currently reading and, in Elizabeth’s case, writing. There was a fair bit of talk about Literary Festivals, allowing for some plugging of the upcoming Exeter Literary Festival. And there was the inevitable photo opportunity with Pudsey Bear.

Devon Book Club runs #DevonBookHour at 8pm every Monday evening on Twitter. There are occasional face to face meetings, in independent book shops around the county, and lots of interviews and book give-aways. Check it out on your chosen platform and join in the chatter about all things book related.

And if you want to hear the programme, it will be found on iplayer for the next few weeks.

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