Pause for Thought

Recently, CWC member, Celia Moore, was the guest presenter on BBC Radio Devon’s Pause for Thought. Below, she tells us about the experience. [The picture shows Celia, seated, with Laura James of BBC Radio Devon.]

“Earlier this month, I was lucky enough to be a guest, for the second time, on BBC Radio Devon’s Early Show and this time, I really enjoyed the whole experience. Just as before, Laura James the presenter, put me at ease as soon as I walked into the studio, but knowing what to expect made all the difference. Being aware of how the interview would be formatted, familiarity with the equipment and having met Laura before, meant I didn’t fear the unknown.

I turned up at 6am, and since I was booked to talk to the Plymouth U3A later that morning, I decided to take the stress out of travelling to Plymouth (a city I hardly know) by booking a Travelodge the night before. All seven of my ‘Pause for Thoughts’ to be aired each morning over the following week, were okayed by the show’s producer beforehand- and Laura said she liked them so, as I gripped my notes, I felt quietly confident.

The first time I met Laura was virtually on air, and prior to this my only radio interview was a forty-minute discussion about writing my debut novel on Tiverton Community Radio’s show, The Library. [The picture shows me with show host, Chrissie Parker.] That in-depth, but pre-recorded, discussion was nerve wracking enough; wondering what questions would be fired at me. So, the thought of facing Laura ‘live’ was even more scary – in fact, it turned out to be a bit like standing in a queue for a scary fairground ride, my trembling stomach, a complete overreaction. I loved it, wishing it had lasted longer and determined to do it again.

Once the Monday show was over, I pre-recorded my other six thoughts, and I was on my way just after seven. How did I get to be onto the radio? The answer is, I was looking for ways to promote my new novel, and I sent Laura some thoughts, which she liked, and hey presto! she invited me on. I’ve been asked if it is hard to think of something meaningful to say, but I found that part easy; the difficult bit was condensing it to 90 seconds.

There you have it, a bit of a pause for thought about fearing the unknown, and something too, about getting on the radio.”

Celia Moore

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