That Was The Year That Was…

2018As we reach the end of another year, CWC Vice-Chairman, Anne Chinneck, brings us a review of what we’ve been getting up to. 

“When thinking about this piece for our last blog of 2018, I realized that the Year 2018 has been quite a momentous one for us.

BirthdayWe celebrated our tenth anniversary in September with a talk by author Matt Harvey. Kate had organized a splendid anniversary cake, made by a local baker. Who would have thought ten years’ ago that our Circle would have widened and become the diverse group it is now.  [Although there’s a funny story associated with this anniversary that we will share with you at some point next year. Ed.]

Some of the original members have left or moved away but we now have a group of 20 members with a range of talents and experience. What I appreciate is that everyone is welcome, no matter what their writing experience. All that is required is a ‘wish to write’.

GDPR-with-stars.pngFor the first time in our history it was agreed we had reached a point where a formal constitution was necessary; we’d written a simple one when we first opened our bank account, but now we needed to expand it somewhat. A small committee compiled this, it was shared with our members and then, with some amendments, became part of our ‘rules and regulations’ of which there are thankfully not too many! It was also the year of GDPR when each member was asked to agree to the use of their email addresses, for admin purposes only.

Speakers.jpgThis year Chudfest was a resounding success and we made an excellent profit. Kate Adie was our main speaker in the evening and was extremely popular in spite of clashing with an England match in the World Cup! She was a very dynamic speaker and spoke with passion about her life as a war correspondent. Todd Gray preceded Kate, in conversation with Sharon Cook, who expertly drew out facts about Todd’s personal life, including one unexpected meeting with the Queen Mother!

On the writing front, we participated in a Joint Arts Project with local photographers and artists. This was so successful that we are planning to do the whole thing again over the next couple of years.

For the first time in our history, three CWC members attended the annual Writers’ Summer School at Swanwick in August. Kate is a regular attendee, and loved the fact that there were some familiar faces at breakfast each morning.

Books 4The CWC publication score this year totals several books and a number of magazine articles. Several members enjoyed success in written and/or spoken competitions; or took part in workshops and festivals.

I have highlighted those more memorable moments of 2018, but of course we have had many interesting monthly meetings with workshops, outings and speakers, including Jenny Kane who spoke about her life as a writer, and delivered a couple of great workshops. Thanks to everyone who has organized our events in different ways.

We all look forward to 2019 being just as successful and I wish you a very Happy New Year.”

Anne Chinneck

29th December 2018

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