Maureen’s Writer’s Diary

Maureen 2As writers, it’s easy to lose sight of how we are getting on and what we have achieved in the past week, month or year. This week, Maureen Williams tells us about her writer’s diary and how it is helping her.

“My New Year’s Resolution was to start a writer’s diary. This was intended to be solely for my own use and development. I understand from internet research that many writers find a diary very helpful. It is now over two months old and I shall give the verdict on whether it has been helpful or not!

My resolution was a little premature because I started on 22nd December and wrote ‘I shall attempt to record significant events and thoughts.’ I also made a list of retrospective items which I wanted to review as significant to my progress as a writer. I made a promise to myself that I was not required to make an entry every day. In fact, I have made 15 entries to date out of 71 possibilities – so not brilliant on that front.

However it has proved useful because I have managed to get things done, which I suspect I would not have, if I did not have my diary to keep me on track. Since I started I have:

  • Ant's Adventure

    One of Imogen Hallam’s lovely illustrations for ‘Ant’s Awesome Adventure’.

    Submitted my children’s novel to 4 publishers.

  • Published my Amazon and National Association of Writers in Education profiles.
  • Printed bookmarks about my book to give out at Writer’s Workshops in schools.
  • Sorted out 21 illustrations for my book with my illustrator (see right).
  • Looked at Kindle Create with a view to self-publishing.
  • Visited W.H. Smith’s and Waterstone’s bookshops to look at how children’s books are presented nowadays.
  • Written two amusing anecdotes of situations I observed over Christmas.
  • Submitted a poem to a competition which was not successful.
  • Submitted a short story to a competition.
  • Written a storyboard of a sequel to my current book based on news items about refugees coming to the UK in boats.
  • Read two and a bit books but from a writer’s perspective.

I find I think about writing nearly all the time now! So was the diary a good thing? Well, I’m still keeping it going!”

Maureen Williams

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