Meet The Members: Celia Moore

CM1This week, we introduce another member of Chudleigh Writers’ Circle. Celia Moore published her debut novel in 2017, and she is excited that the sequel is due out on Wednesday next week (20th March). She says by book seven she might have mastered creative writing but at the moment, it seems the more she learns the more she discovers there is to find out …

“I joined Chudleigh Writers Circle about the same time as I self published my first novel and, like many things I’ve done because of my new venture into writing, I wish I’d known about the group earlier. Everyone is welcoming, supportive and happy to share their knowledge and experience.

CM2My books are a unique blend of romance, suspense, and secrets, and are set partly in Devon. I’ve decided that my favourite novels are “captivating and compelling tales with determined (and sometimes flawed) heroines” so this is the kind of stories I endeavour to write too. As well as authoring, I am a keen gardener and a runner – accompanied whenever possible by my scruffy border cross Jack Russell terrier called Tizzy.

I was born just over 50 years ago in Newton Abbot hospital and my parents had a small farm at Bridford, and I think I have been creative ever since – from explaining why there are no chocolate biscuits left; to writing glowing particulars for ugly properties; encouraging people to down a scary abseil; to oil painting and photography.

CM3I am training hard for the London Marathon at the moment, which I last ran 20 years ago. I’m sat at my computer composing this, making sure I take short breaks doing laps of my kitchen table not to stiffen up after my eighteen-mile run this morning – two laps from Steps Bridge to Fingle Bridge (thankfully there was no rain and just a strong wind to contend with). The wild daffodils along the way were probably at their best this morning – but they may still be good by next weekend if you have a chance to see them. Having already raised £2,500 for Macmillan Cancer Support, I am still raising sponsorship for our local cancer charities, FORCE and Hospiscare.

After the farm at Bridford, we moved to a farm near Whiddon Down and had a small dairy herd. It never made any money and my parents eventually had to sell it. Dad then worked in the cheese factory in North Tawton. A massive change for him in his fifties but he said he loved the regular wage, lack of worry and set hours – and he loved the camaraderie of his work mates most of all.

I left Devon in 1986 to study for my degree in London and then worked for Lloyds Bank in their head offices in London, Bristol and Taunton for 10 years as a Chartered Surveyor.

CM4In 2000, I left the office life behind to start a new adventure in North Wales training to become an outdoor instructor – teaching rock climbing, canoeing, mountaineering, and even skiing. I climbed everything I could in the beautiful Snowdonia National Park, before moving to Somerset in 2002 and started teaching in an outdoor education centre where school groups would come on adventure weekends or weeks. I also taught children excluded from school and ran special programmes for children in care. I ended up managing one of the centres. It was fulfilling work – I loved watching the children who weren’t academic shining in front of their classmates.

When, in 2008, I met my husband, it didn’t seem fair to expect him to put up with my all-consuming job. I gave up instructing and came to live with him back in Devon – home at last! By the way, I had actually been in primary school with Paul but I hadn’t seen him for 26 years when we met up again!

Today, I work for lovely customers keeping their gardens nice, eating their cake and drinking tea. Many have lost their other halves to cancer and with my friendship I feel like what I do now, is wholly appreciated.

My debut novel Fox Halt Farm is a change-of-life contemporary romance set on the outskirts of Dartmoor, London, Paris… and runs over two decades inspired by some of the experiences in my life and the people I’ve encountered along the way.

Fox Halt Farm is on Amazon as a paperback and ebook. Culmfield Cuckoo is currently available for pre-order as an ebook and the paperback will be out from 20th March. I have just added a paypal button to my website so my novels can be ordered direct from me and I can sign them (and dedicate them too if people wish). My website is You can also find me on Facebook and on Twitter.”

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