Meet The Members: Angela Wooldridge

Angela WooldridgeThis week, we meet another member of Chudleigh Writers’ Circle. Angie joined us a couple of years back and has been an active member of the group: she led us in a workshop on De Bono’s 6 Hats of Thinking two years ago; and was one of the entrants in the first ever Face The Chudleigh Dragons last year. This year she is one of the organisers of Chudleigh Literary Festival.

What do I write?

I am currently writing book two of a Young Adult fantasy trilogy, about the witches who get caught up in trying to fix Sleeping Beauty’s curse. Book one is out on submission (which means it’s taking up space on various agent’s slush piles).

I also write short stories. Some of these have been published in My Weekly, and The People’s Friend. Others (often the more speculative ones) have found homes in anthologies and story-time blog-hops.

Where do I write?

I have a beautiful 18th Century writing desk which sits in the corner of our study (which used to be the bathroom). Unfortunately, when my husband started working from home, he needed the study more than me, so I now write at the kitchen table. I do now have a set of drawers in the kitchen, though – to stop me cluttering up the sideboard.

Best Writerly moment?

My best writerly moment still has to be that first acceptance of a story by The People’s Friend. It took about two hours for my hands to stop shaking, and of course there was nobody home to share the news with!

Not a lot of people know…

…that I have a rare form of colourblindness, called tritanopia. I have trouble distinguishing between pink and red, blue and green, brown and purple…and those yellow highlighters? Can’t see ’em at all! Before we found out, it used to drive my husband (who is green/red colourblind) potty, as I was worse than him. Fortunately we seem to have cancelled each other out as far as the kids are concerned.


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2 responses to “Meet The Members: Angela Wooldridge

  1. Maryon Avery

    That de Bono hat session was THREE years ago! I think it was our last Chudleigh Writers’ meeting before we came East. You took us out to lunch in Harvey’s afterwards. Fond memories

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