Meet The Members: Kate aka Elizabeth

I’ve been introducing the weekly blog posts for a while now, but suddenly realised I’d not introduced myself properly. I’m Kate McCormick, founding member and Treasurer of Chudleigh Writers’ Circle. In October, I will be stepping down after ten years as a member of the organising committee. I write and independently publish under the pen name of Elizabeth Ducie. 

What Do I Write?

After many years as a technical writer of text books, audit reports, training modules and magazine articles, I turned to creative writing in 2006. I now write both fiction and non-fiction.

I have published four novels: Gorgito’s Ice Rink was my debut, which was Runner-Up in the 2015 Self-Published Book of the Year Awards. I have since published Counterfeit!, Deception!, and Corruption! a series of thrillers set in the sometimes murky world of international pharmaceuticals. I also have three collections of short stories, two of which were published in conjunction with fellow CWC member, Sharon Cook. I write short stories for competitions and, occasionally, for magazines.

On the non-fiction side, I also write The Business of Writing series of books, providing business skills for writers. Not how to write, but how to run a business as a writer. Plus, lots of blog posts, for my own site or as a guest on other writers’ sites. I publish the monthly Chudleigh Phoenix Community Magazine, which involves some writing, but lots of laying out and editing.

Where and When Do I Write?

The view from my office window

I am lucky enough to have a garden room to work in. And at this time of year, it’s a wonderful spot. But if it’s cold or wet, or I don’t fancy the commute across the garden (!), I perch at the end of the dining room table or curl up in my squashy armchair. When I’m at home I generally write directly to screen; but when I’m travelling, I write in pencil in a notebook.

I try to write every day, but there’s always so much else going on that’s not always possible. I’m very much a lark, rather than an owl, so it will usually be in the early mornings. When I take part in NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing  Month) each November, I will usually have finished my daily quota before breakfast.

Best Writerly Moment?

It’s impossible to pick one: hearing I’ve won a prize or a competition; holding a party to launch a new book with friends and family; having a character wrench the story out of my hands and take it in a new direction… But if I’m forced to pick one, it’s the joy each time I hold a new book in my hands for the first time and think: I did that!

Not a Lot of People Know…

…that I was once the headline story on the television news – in Ukraine! It was while I still had the ‘day job’ and we were working with a local company, helping them to improve their manufacturing systems. I had subtitles in Ukrainian and everything.

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