Thanks All Round…

Thanks 2For the ninth straight year, Chudleigh Writers’ Circle hosted a one-day Literary Festival on the Wednesday of Chudfest week, taking over the marquee for a whole twelve hours. And what a great day it was. From the moment people started arriving just after 9am until the last person left more than twelve hours later, we drank tea or coffee until the bar opened; nibbled our way through six packets of biscuits; demolished lunch and supper; and talked writing, writers and words all day!

Over the next few weeks, members of CWC and our guests will be writing about the individual sessions, but I want to start by saying thank you to a few people.

  • To expert on Devon history, Professor Todd Gray, for a brilliant workshop. Who knew there were so many ways of insulting someone, especially a woman?
  • To Sophie Duffy, Ian Hobbs and Loreley Amiti for donning their dragon faces and judging our competition.
  • To the six brave writers who pitched their novels to the dragons; and congratulations to winner Ella Montgomery and runner-up Angie Apps.
  • To Michael Jecks for his masterclass on writing historical fiction.
  • To Wilfred Emmanuel-Jones for inspiring us all to follow our dreams.

Putting on a full-day event like this with paid speakers is a costly exercise and once again, Chudleigh Writers’ Circle has benefited from some generous sponsors, which allowed us to keep the prices for each session at an affordable level.

  • We are very grateful to Friends of Chudleigh Library for their generous donation.
  • And huge thanks go to Councillor Jerry Brook of Devon County Council for signing off on a Locality Budget grant.
  • The Chudfest organising committee were as supportive as ever and very generous in allowing us to take a full day out of the available marquee time. And the ice creams were a life saver!

There’s a lot of elements that go to putting on an event like this: planning the programme, booking the speakers, running the publicity, organising the box office, hosting each session, setting up bookstalls and, most importantly, keeping the attendees fed and watered. A big thank you to the CWC members who pitched in yet again to make this such a successful event. Same time, same place, next year?

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