Now We Are Ten (Really)

IMG_1639Today’s blog post is brought to us by CWC Treasurer, Elizabeth Ducie, who has a bit of a confession to make.

“Last September, Sharon Cook and I made a song and dance about CWC being ten years old! We ordered a birthday cake, opened a couple of bottles of fizz, and turned our monthly meeting into a bit of a party.  It happened to be my birthday too, so I particularly enjoyed the celebrations.

A couple of weeks later, I sat down to write a brief history of the group for this blog. I pulled out all my old files and started reading through my notes about writing short stories from a shared opening line; writing as journalists; writing poetry and so on. And that’s when I spotted it: September 2009; October 2009; November…you get the picture!

We’d got our years mixed up! Last year we began our tenth year; this month we complete it: so we really are ten years old now!

And in that time, we’ve kept our membership numbers fairly constant at 18-22; we regularly get 15+ members to our monthly workshops. We’ve lost old friends and made new ones. We’ve had three Chairs; several Vice-Chairs; two Secretaries and two Treasurers. We’ve set up our own website and grappled successfully with the intricacies of GDPR.

CoverWe have launched two group anthologies plus a number of internal publications; taken part in Joint Arts projects with Photographers and Artists; and have seen multiple book launches from our members. We have run nine well-attended Literary Festivals.

We’ve moved home three times; and changed our day/time once. We’ve travelled around the County on various days out; taken over Harvey’s or Pottery Court Cafe on occasion for post-meeting lunches; and shared pre-Christmas lunch in several members’ houses.

Next month, I’m stepping down from the Committee after ten years. But I’m looking forward to many more years as a member and know it’s going to continue being a fun part of each month.

Happy Birthday, Chudleigh Writers’ Circle; and many more to come!”


Elizabeth Ducie

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  1. Maryon and Colin Avery

    Congratulations! from Maryon and Colin Avery (original members of CWC, moved to South Lincs in 2016.. Colin is highly gratified to see you are still using the logo which he and Roger Brandon designed.)

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