All About Buckets

BucketsThis week, Chudleigh Writers’ Circle member Lisa Baxter brings us exciting news about a play coming to Teignmouth very soon.

“Chatting over coffee after a CWC meeting, I shared the fact that my beautiful and talented daughter is producing, directing and acting in a play, which is being performed in November. The title of the play is Buckets, a contemporary piece that I was having difficulty describing. So, I was challenged, first to come up with a description, and then to write it up for the CWC blog, complete with performance dates and venues. This is my attempt…

Bucket lists, buckets of love, kicking the bucket, bucket rattling. All sorts of buckets loosely provide the theme of this play. It tells its story through a series of interrelated vignettes. Its linking feature is time, how we use it, and how we deal with the fact that it’s going to run out. This company of professional actors takes us through an emotional, sometimes funny, sometimes searing, journey highlighting the fragility of life and the importance of appreciating every moment. Buckets tackles universal topics of joy and sadness, sickness and health, youth and experience, living and dying. There are humorous moments as well as tragic ones, including the loss of a child.

If this has intrigued you, then come and join the audience at The Cygnet Theatre, Exeter on Friday 1st November, or The Pavilions, Teignmouth on Wednesday 6th November. Both performances start at 7.30.”

Update: Due to unforeseen circumstances, these performances have been postponed until next year. New dates will be published as soon as they are available.

Lisa Baxter

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