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Lynne Gets Editing…

Lynne Lawrie

Lynne Lawrie

This week, CWC member Lynne Lawrie tells us how she’s been getting on editing her first novel. Over to you, Lynne:

“This is a short run through of my first edit attempt. It is definitely not a ‘how to edit’, but I hope some small details might be useful to some of you, particularly if you haven’t used an editing package. Continue reading

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Social Distancing Via Video Conferencing

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Just a short piece this week, as we’ve all got other things on our minds. It’s beginning to look as though we’re all going to be spending quite a bit of time on our own in the near future. Of course, there is an argument to say that writers are always isolated or socially distanced. We carry out our craft, by and large, on our own. Although many of us spend a lot of time ‘networking’ either in person or online. But even for us, the world has changed dramatically in the past few weeks. So we thought we’d look at some of the options for video conferencing that might be useful for writers in the coming weeks or months. Continue reading


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Writing, but not for me?

CM1Celia Moore is one of the members of Chudleigh Writers’ Circle and a regular contributor to this blog. She published her debut novel Fox Halt Farm in 2017, and has just finished writing the final part of her Fox Halt Farm Trilogy, which will be launched in October 2020. Today, she talks about how she no longer writes for herself. Continue reading

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Reading To Children

Jo ElliottThis week, CWC member, Jo Elliott, tells us how she got on last month, reading her book Fang, the Unusual Rabbit to all of the children in Widecombe Primary School.

“Having never done this before, apart from a handful of children in a couple of libraries, it was a very daunting task to read to 70 children ranging from five to eleven years. I thought that I would’ve felt a lot more nervous than I did when I got there but everyone at the school welcomed me like an old friend and put me at my ease straight away (including the dog!). Continue reading

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Making A Musical

Peter Whittle 2This week, Peter Whittle, playwright, musician and Chair of Chudleigh Writers’ Circle tells us about a a recent workshop he’s attended on producing musical theatre. And we also bring you news of some upcoming productions that Peter is involved in.

“I have been reminded once again in recent days how narrow minded I can be. Part of the deal for attending a workshop on ‘How to make a musical’ at the RSC theatre in Stratford was to attend a performance of The Boy in a Dress which is a new musical based on a children’s book by David Walliams. Normally I wouldn’t have dreamed of going to see this, thinking it just wasn’t my type of music theatre or story. How wrong could I be? It was a fabulous production. Continue reading

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