Maureen On The Radio

Maureen 2

Maureen Boon

We’re certainly living in strange times at the moment. And for some of us, it’s providing the opportunity to do new or different things with our lives and our work. This week, CWC member Maureen Boon tells us about her first experience of reading a story on the radio.

“At the suggestion of my friend and illustrator, Deirdre, I emailed Radio Devon offering to read one of the extracts from my two books. I expected to hear nothing, or a polite refusal.

Surprisingly, I quickly had a phone message and email from James Watts, who was very enthusiastic. He told me how to record my readings and that they wanted two of approximately five minutes from Bearly Believable. I had to edit the story down, as on reading aloud, it took about fourteen minutes. I actually think I improved the story by doing this. James told me to find somewhere to record which was quiet and insulated; he told me that the worse place was a bathroom and one of the best places was a car.

My 'Recording Studio'

Maureen’s Recording Studio

I didn’t really want to read in my car as I thought it would be tricky recording on the laptop and holding my papers at the same time. I went round the house trying different places and found that the laundry room was just right.

Also, reading from a paper copy was not a good idea because of rustling. So, I decided to read it from the laptop. I tried recording on my desktop (terrible) and the laptop (not bad).

I must have recorded at least twenty tracks which went wrong. But I finally managed to record two five minute tracks without mistakes.  I sent the tracks to James and waited for the probable rejection. However, James was delighted with the readings but not their sound quality.

Next, I tried my mobile phone and my husband’s phone, with and without a microphone. James gave me the go-ahead to use my husband’s mobile with no mike. He also told me the good news that he could edit out any mistakes.

Finally, I sent the recordings which were approved, They would go out the next day and I would be interviewed. Another challenge!

I sat with my list of possible topics and a glass of water in a quiet place near the phone, feeling apprehensive. I was phoned during the Stevie Wonder record just before the interview. It was a relief to get it over with but there is one question I need be prepared for in the future. I was asked which books I read and my mind went blank – I blurted out thrillers and something about Kate Mosse. Then it was over. Phew!”

Maureen Boon

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  1. Well done and glad you found the right tech to record it in the end!

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