News Round-Up

NewsFor many people, the current situation has led to long periods of inactivity and frustration at not being able to leave home or do the normal things of every day life. But writers are often used to spending long hours sitting alone, with no-one to talk to. This week, we bring you news of how some members of Chudleigh Writers’ Circle have been spending their time during lockdown.

Peter Whittle

Peter Whittle 2

Peter Whittle

“Having a slightly old-fashioned streak, I rather bemoan the passing of Flanders and Swann type revues which were probably killed off back in the 1960s with the rise of television and weekly political satire programmes. So with my usual flair for misjudging the current cultural zeitgeist, and therefore producing commercially unsaleable products, I am attempting to reverse the tide of history and gradually putting together a revue with a series of sketches and musical interludes. Lockdown has produced a grand total of two short sketches so far. On a more theoretical note, I am trying to make myself think about what actually makes a plot amusing. Bigger brains have explored this issue before but I’m finding it helpful to try and get to grips with it myself.”

Jackie Juno

Jackie Juno

“I am filming poetry videos from different areas of my house & garden every single day of May 2020. Welcome to the Jackie Juno Lockdown World Tour! I will post them all up on Facebook at 5pm each day. Enjoy, comment, share, buy the books! Ha!”

Elizabeth Ducie

Elizabeth Ducie

“I’ve stopped writing my weekly blog for the moment, as I’m spending quite a bit of time each week producing Chudleigh Phoenix, our town’s community magazine. It’s normally a monthly, but we converted it to a weekly for the duration. However, I have written a number of guest posts for other people. In March, I was interviewed by Clare Rhoden about my fiction writing in Murky Worlds and The Business of Writing.  In April, I was delighted to be asked by Colleen M Story to provide some Tips and Tools To Help Writers Boost Their Businesses on the WriterCEO website. And finally, I talked to Georgia Conlon in her Isolation Book Club about Tips for Indie Publishers.”


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  1. Good to hear how writers are responding. I’ve started doing podcasts of my educational poems and that was in response to lockdown.

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