Jackie’s Lockdown World Tour

Jackie j

Jackie Juno

In last week’s news round-up, we mentioned Jackie Juno was embarking on a World Tour throughout the month of May. Well, today she tells us more about it.

“I am really missing doing live shows. I absolutely love that connection with the audience, sharing such special time together. Things happen in live performances which can never be reproduced – that particular mix of atmosphere, time, place and people will not occur again.

It was an awful feeling when my gigs first started to get cancelled as lockdown approached. Disappointment at not being able to share my work and connect with others; and a worry about finances, too. Once lockdown was announced I looked through my diary, wondering when it would be over and what 2020 gigs would survive, if any.

Those questions remain unanswered, but I have still managed to do gigs on a screen – even the occasional paid gig – and have really enjoyed the experience. Poetry nights are still running, open mic nights, slams even, and all online. So all is not lost. I have transposed my monthly Poetry Open Mic night onto Zoom with favourable results. On Thursday last I appeared on an open mic night usually based in Kettering, Leics. to an entirely new audience; and I realised I am achieving a goal I set at the beginning of the year – to go farther afield with my shows! And I was lucky that night, as I won the raffle prize of a £20 wine voucher! And managed to sell a few books too. So all hope is not lost.

I had a bit of a brainwave in April, to go on a Lockdown World Tour of my house and garden, posting up a video poem in a different area of the house or garden every day throughout the whole of May! It has the potential to be worldwide of course, thanks to the internet, and so far has reached Spain, Canada, New Zealand, Russia, Mexico, Italy, France, Greece, Germany, Switzerland, parts of Africa, Georgia, Hong Kong, South Korea, Australia, several places in USA including New York,  Massachusetts, and California – and most exotic of all – Swindon and the Black Country! And who knows where else by the time you read this…

By doing this I am achieving another of my goals I set at this year’s birth – to get more video poems up onto YouTube! Each day at 5pm I publish the day’s new video and announce it on Facebook. I also have a Facebook page ‘Jackie Juno’s Lockdown World Tour’ where you can view all the videos.

I am enjoying the creativity of filming the poems; finding certain poems appropriate to the places I am in, dressing up occasionally to fit the theme or poem, clambering into the loft or crawling into a nook in the garden where I spotted a slow-worm – for a poem which features a slow-worm. An added bonus is it is making me get dressed properly, do my hair and makeup when the previous weeks have been a little less together on that front!

I hope you enjoy these free offerings during lockdown and the merry month of May – feel free to like, share and comment!”

Jackie Juno


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