Jo’s Covid Poems

Jo Elliott

Jo Elliott and friends…

The current situation has had differing effects on different writers. Some are finding the time to write even more than ever. While others are finding themselves completely blocked and unable to put pen to paper (or finger to keyboard. This week, we bring you two poems written by CWC member, Jo Elliott, in response to Covid-19.

Social Isolation – Dusting

I had to dust the lounge today,
I’d ignored it best I could.
Social Isolation made me look,
So I thought that dust I should.

Reluctantly I got the can,
Of polish from my store,
And shook it up, it said you should,
And walked towards the door.

I burst in with a flourish,
Waved the duster in the air,
And tried to look like I was keen,
When I really didn’t care!

With heavy heart, I finished it,
The sneezing was quite bad,
To all out there who love this job,
I think you’re ruddy mad!

An Ode To The Brave

I’d like to thank the NHS,
From the bottom of my heart,
And all the frontline services,
Who play such a vital part.

You’re a brave band of soldiers,
Going daily into war,
To fight an unseen enemy,
Which has hurt us to the core.

The strength of personality,
Which all of you possess,
Will get you through this awful hell,
And help you cope with stress.

You need to know how loved you are,
We’re behind you all the way.
We’re trying hard to do our bit,
We all have a role to play.

And when it’s finally over,
And we beat this deadly bug,
We’ll come out of isolation,
And give you all a MASSIVE hug!

(Copyright Jo Elliott 31.03.2020)


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One response to “Jo’s Covid Poems

  1. Great poems. I can certainly relate to the dusting one!

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