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Stepping Outside My Comfort Zone

Elizabeth Ducie

This week CWC member, Elizabeth Ducie, talks about some of the things she’s been doing recently to refresh her writing.

“At a Swanwick seminar years ago, we were challenged to step outside our comfort zone occasionally, to see what we could achieve. At the time, it influenced me to take a business decision I would otherwise have avoided. It resulted in the single largest contract our small consultancy ever won; months of work for us and several of our contractors; and allowed us to finance a move across the country which we have never regretted. Continue reading

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Lockdown Recipe For Success

Maureen 2

Maureen Boon

This week, CWC member Maureen Boon tells us about the effect of lockdown on her writing life and how she’s used the time to take a different direction.

“Shortly before the lockdown, I visited four local schools around World Book Day. Using my two children’s books, Ant’s Awesome Adventure and Bearly Believable, I carried out storytelling and writing workshops with children from reception to Year 6. It was a very encouraging experience with good feedback from the children. I finished a Bearly Believable Colouring Book with local artist Deirdre Stewart, who I had met during the Joint Arts Project. Next I ordered copies of all my books, for a publicity campaign going round the holiday venues, to ask them to market my books. Continue reading

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Must Characters Change?

Margaret B

Margaret Barnes

This week, CWC member, Margaret Barnes, uses the main character from her series of legal thrillers to test the theory that a character must change over the course of a novel.

“Most literary agents and editors tell writers their protagonist must change over the course of the story. I have asked myself whether that is a valid assumption to make. Does a character have to go on some kind of personal journey which alters them? Continue reading

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How’s It Been For You So Far?

jean grimsey

Jean Grimsey

This week, CWC member Jean Grimsey reflects on the strange situation we’re in at the moment, and how it’s affected her writing.

“Author? That’s a misnomer for a start – I am writing this under false pretences as I don’t think I can claim to be an author at the moment. Lockdown has put paid to that. Words do not flow, with a few exceptions. Continue reading

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