Elizabeth on the Radio

This week CWC member, Elizabeth Ducie, tells us about a great opportunity available via the BBC and how she used it to her advantage.

Elizabeth Ducie

Back in April, fellow CWC member, Maureen Boon, told us about her experience in recording readings from her books for broadcast on BBC Radio Devon. At the time, I thought that sounds like fun; maybe I’ll have a go. But other things got in the way, and it kept slipping down my ToDo list.

I’m a regular presenter on Pause for Thought which goes out at 6.20am each morning. When I was last on, in July, I took the opportunity to sound out the producer about the possibility of getting some of my fiction read on air. He advised me to contact the two presenters of the evening show, Sarah Gosling and Rick Edwards. But, once again, it kept slipping down my ToDo list.

Finally, three weeks ago, I sat down and composed an email. Within three days, I had a very positive response from Sarah, pointing me in the direction of BBC Local Radio Upload.

The website describes Upload as:

…your chance to showcase your creativity on the BBC. Wherever you are across England, Scotland and the Channel Islands, your Upload team are standing by to check out what you create. Upload is open to submissions all year round, with content showcased every day on local BBC radio stations and on our social and online platforms. So whatever you create – comedy, fiction, blogs, vlogs, podcasts, videos, poetry, reviews, diaries, anything – we’d love you to upload it!

I’d already had practice recording my scripts for Pause for Thought, so I grabbed my phone, recorded a few samples of flash fiction and uploaded them to the site. And within a couple of days, I had an email from Sarah inviting me on to her programme to be interviewed. You can hear the piece, plus a reading of my prize-winning flash fiction My Little Red Book by clicking here (starting 1 hour 29 minutes in).

So my advice to all writers and other creatives who are looking for ways to increase their visibility and get their work to a wider audience is to check out BBC Local Radio Upload right now. It’s a great resource, made especially for us.”

Elizabeth Ducie

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