Free Writers’ Resources

This week, we bring you news of some free resources available to writers at the moment. Firstly a virtual conference available to writers everywhere. And secondly an opportunity specifically for writers in the south west of England.

Weeknight Writers Virtual Conference

Weeknight Writers is a collective of science fiction and fantasy writers dedicated to developing their craft and supporting each other through the trials and tribulations of publishing. Next weekend, they are bringing writing education and support to writers from all over the world with their Weeknight Writers Virtual Conference.

The Weeknight Writers Virtual Conference will take place on Saturday 26th and Sunday 27th September. They are still finalizing the details of each panel, but you can see all the topics on the website. To be updated when panel links go live, sign up for the email list.

While some of the sessions are specific to the genres of the group, many are relevant to all writers, including Healthy Habits for Productive Writers and Character Motivations.

CWC member Elizabeth Ducie is taking part in two of the panels: How To Write A Multi-Book Series and Working With Writing Feedback.

The conference is being run from the East Coast of the US, so be sure to adjust the times to BST.

TLC Free Reads

If you’re a writer living in the South West of England and finding it financially difficult to progress further then TLC Free Reads could be for you. Through this Arts Council England-funded scheme, Literature Works can offer you a free opportunity to have your work read and reported back on by a professional editor from The Literary Consultancy.

The Literary Consultancy is the UK’s first and leading editorial assessment, providing honest feedback and market advice for fiction, non-fiction, poetry, short stories, scripts and screenplays.

A critical assessment of all or part of your work could really help you progress and Literature Works is offering this scheme to all serious writers in the South West area who are on low incomes (check out the website to see what counts as a ‘low income’).

This is a competitive process and eligible applicants will be selected based on artistic merit. Literature Works will select candidates through assessing samples of your work and will request further manuscript submission from the selected writers.

Free Reads is open to writers of prose (fiction, children’s, narrative non-fiction and short stories), poetry, and scripts for TV, film, radio or theatre.

You can get full details on the scheme by clicking here.

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