Breaking Away From Zoom part 1

This month, after six months of meeting via Zoom, a few members of Chudleigh Writers’ Circle ventured out into the countryside for a physical, albeit socially-distanced, get-together. And, as you would expect from a writers’ group, there was not only a lot of chatter and laughter, but also some creative juices flowing. This week, we bring you a poem written by Maureen Boon, who organised the event.

Five at Yarner Wood

We met like a five-pointed star,
In the car park, during testing times.
Each rejoicing in the others’ presence
Real, alive, warm, human.
After Zoom, we conversed freely
Not worrying about seeming foolish.
Blue sky, still air, green trees,
Ants scurrying around a bonsai oak.
Spirit, earth, air, fire, water:
We five, an ant-hill, sky, sun, reservoir,
Together on a Monday morning.

Maureen Boon

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One response to “Breaking Away From Zoom part 1

  1. Lovely poem Maureen! It really captures our morning together!

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