Writing from Home

Maureen Boon

This week, CWC member Maureen Boon tells us about a creative and therapeutic writing project she’s recently completed.

“I asked to be included in this 6-week course, funded by the Arts Council, having spotted it on the NAWE (National Association of Writers in Education) Writer’s Compass newsletter. There were four Midlands-based groups. I was included in the Derbyshire group – I think because they had spaces. The group was branded as ‘The Melting Pot’ by Thom Seddon, our tutor; although some were Midlands based, we had members from Jersey, Volgograd in Russia, and me from Devon.

The workshops were based on the theme of ‘Home’ and used a range of prompts and stimuli. We explored favourite objects, memories of people and places and thoughts about the future. The groups were small. We only had 6 participants, although Thom was also sending the two-hour sessions to some remote members. We all quickly formed a bond, even though it was all on Zoom.

At the end of the course, we had a sharing session with all four groups and tutors and had the opportunity to read one of our creations. In addition, information about the project and examples of our work will be going on a website and also, we will get a written edition published and posted to us. I will let you know when it all goes online.

One of my memorable activities was writing a Pantoum following a free writing activity about a favourite object. This turned out to be quite an emotional experience for me. The object was a dog ornament of a black Labrador which my mother had given me as she thought it looked like my dog. Rover died many years ago and my memories of him were always tinged with sadness, as an old arthritic dog. The free writing brought back memories of him when he was young and fit, escaping from me on the Haldon Hills.

We were then set the task of choosing important phrases from the free writing and creating a pantoum. The group then shared their poems and I could barely stop the tears, remembering Rover as a young happy dog. You can hear me reading my pantoum by clicking here.”

Maureen Boon

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  1. Maureen – how lovely to hear you and listen to your wonderful poem – beautiful

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