Jo Elliott and friends…

This week CWC member, Joanne Elliott, shares her reflections on a trip she once made to Norway. (It was to attend a chainsaw competition her husband was taking part in; a great subject for another post maybe?) But for now, she’s sharing this poem, which was written on the airport bus.

“I’ve just come back from Norway, such beauty I have seen.
Mountains, lakes and cities, all wonderfully clean.
A common sense approach is made, for keeping safe outdoors,
Amazingly enough, responsibility is yours!

The natives are so friendly, straightforward and so nice,
The only drawback that I found was heftiness of price!
But gosh, I’d like to live there, it really has a soul,
From alcohol to litter, it’s all under control.

And now I’m home in Devon, what’s the first thing that I see?
Someone’s hung a poo bag, in a ruddy tree!
Now all I’m going to say on this, embarrassed and quite pink,
When Norwegians come to Devon, what the hell must they all think?!!”

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