Writerly News Round-Up

This month on the news round-up we have news of two new books and a play listing for CWC members, writing workshops from an old friend of the group, and an art exhibition with links both to literature and one of our members. Plus our usual update on plans for this year’s Exeter Literary Festival and a reminder of the Short Story Competition.

Margaret Completes Her Series

The third in the series of courtroom thrillers from Margaret Barnes takes us once more into the chambers and life of barrister Cassie Hardman:

The truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth. Barrister, Cassie Hardman is defending Theo Clements who is facing trial, along with three others, for a serious burglary. On first reading her brief the case appears straightforward but as the trial at the Old Bailey progresses it becomes clear that the witnesses are weaving a web of deception. What is the relationship between the complainant and the defendants? Are the alibi witnesses being honest?And in Cassie’s chambers the imminent retirement of the head of Chambers creates tensions between the tenants. Cassie has to decide where she stands on his replacement.

Legal Privilege is published on 3rd May, and is available for pre-order right now.

Celia Reaches The End Too

Next month also sees the publication of the final part of Celia Moore’s Fox Halt Farm trilogy:

The compelling epic tale with a backdrop of Dartmoor, Devon continues… There is so much of the past that Billy has spent years avoiding. There’s a future where dreams could rip everything apart. And someone has a deadly vendetta. Should you grasp at your dreams?

A Hare’s Footprint is out on 1st May. Signed copies are available direct from Celia’s website; or you can order an ebook from Amazon. And to celebrate the launch, there’s a free-to-enter giveaway running on her Facebook page.

Peter’s Play Listed

Peter Whittle is delighted to tell us that Smith Scripts, an agency for theatrical plays, has taken on one of his musical plays, What a Way to Go. They don’t print the plays but maintain an online catalogue for people to browse through. Peter says: “having an endorsement from an anonymous third party who runs the agency and knows something about the theatre, has felt very validating and boosted my confidence to struggle on with this writing business.”

Imagine Workshops

Members of CWC and attendees at the Chudleigh Literary Festival may remember the wonderful workshops given by Jenny Kane. This month we have news of some of her upcoming workshops, courses and retreats. Details can be downloaded here and booking can be made by emailing Jenny here.

Chasing Rainbows at Torre Abbey

News this month of an Open Art Exhibition at Torre Abbey. CWC Treasurer, Suzanne McConaghy, has a special interest in this exhibition, as her husband, Ian, is showing a five-panel sculpture inspired by a book he wrote – which should also be available at the abbey. The exhibition runs from 19th May to 27th June and booking will be required.

Exeter Literary Festival Update

There’s a treat for readers of fantasy coming up at this year’s Exeter Literary Festival. In the twentieth anniversary year since the launch of the first Lord of the Rings film, two of the speakers will be Jane Johnson and Alan Lee. Jane was, for many years, responsible for publishing the works of JRR Tolkien, and later worked on Peter Jackson’s movie trilogy, spending many months in New Zealand with cast and crew, and writing the official visual companions to the films. Alan is a book illustrator and film conceptual designer, best known for his work on the conceptual design of the film series. A great afternoon is promised; elves and hobbits welcome.

The full programme is due to be released within the next couple of weeks and we will bring you news of that next month. But to whet the appetite of local writers, there will be a workshop from CWC member, Elizabeth Ducie, on taking your book down the indie publishing route; plus former CWC member and current chair of Exeter Writers, Angie Wooldridge, will be reprising her ever-popular workshop on writing short stories.

It’s not completely clear yet what the situation will be like in November; and although we all hope we’re back to normal by then, there’s no guarantee. Members of the ExeLitFest Friends Group will get advanced notice of the programme and a priority booking period, which will be very beneficial if places are limited for some of the events.The priority booking for members of the Friends Group will open on Wednesday 1st September; and the ticket office will be open for the general public from Wednesday 15th September.

The festival’s annual short story competition has been growing in popularity and they’re doing it all over again this year. Once again, there will be just one category, for entrants of 16 years and over. The task is to write a short story on any subject or theme, apart from children’s stories. The maximum word count is 750 words; there is no minimum word count. There will be three cash prizes: £200, £100, and £50. The competition is now open and closes at midnight on 31st July 2021. Get all the details here.

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  1. Good luck Celia, Margaret and Peter with your new works!

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