RAMMblings: an anthology of musings following a day at Exeter Museum (RAMM) in September 2012. Featuring short stories, articles and poetry; with a foreword by Julian Parsons, Senior Collections Officer, RAMM. Published by Chudleigh Phoenix Publications; ISBN: 9780956950833. Launched in July 2013 at Chudleigh Literary Festival.  £3.99 plus postage.  Order from Di Moyes, e-mail:  or leave a comment below.

LAVENDER CHICKENS – an anthology – published in 2009.  A collection of short stories, memoirs and poetry from founder members of Chudleigh Writers’ Circle.  Still available at £2.50 plus postage.

DIARY FOR A DAY.  An e-book which arose out of a writing exercise for the first CHUDFEST literary day in 2011. Free to download:



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