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Chag O!This week’s post comes from Performance Poet, Poetry Slam supremo and CWC member, Jackie Juno, who tells us about an event that happens this coming Wednesday, 4th December, and on the first Wednesday of each month. 

“I had to look it up in my diary – 3 Feb 2016. That was the date of the first Outspoken! Poetry Open Mic evening in Chagford. That’s nearly four years – and every single evening has been a gem, a jewel, a joy! Continue reading

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Whose Turn For The Mic?

One of the most popular aspects of our Literary Festival has always been the Open Mic session. In our first year, 2011, it took up a large part of the afternoon. And we learned some valuable lessons. Not least to limit the time for each reader and manage the order of speakers so the long sad story that’s guaranteed to bring the audience down is sandwiched between shorter, preferably funny pieces; performance poets are very good for that!  Continue reading

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