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A Writer’s Website Wonderland

steve male

Steve Male

This week, CWC member, Steve Male, talks about setting up his website.

“So, you’ve written that first draft of your masterpiece and then edited and edited and edited and… Now you have to consider how to publish your sparkling prose and most importantly how to market the book. Many authors feel faintly soiled by the very idea of marketing but at heart it’s basically just telling potential readers your latest and greatest opus is available for purchase. It’s got to be done or how on earth is anyone going to read the book you have just sweated blood over? And, after all, having people read your book is kinda the main purpose in writing the damn thing, isn’t it? Continue reading

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Using Zoom for a Virtual Meeting

Suzanne-McConaghy 2

Suzanne McConaghy

This week, CWC Treasurer, Suzanne McConaghy ask the question: Can you hold a successful meeting on Zoom?

“When staying at home became the new socialising, it didn’t take Chudleigh Writers’ Circle long to decide we had to embrace the technology if the group was going to continue. Various conversations resulted in the decision to try out Zoom and committee members had a short session to see how well it might work, before a full group meeting on April 6th. Then, everyone was encouraged to download the app. Many thanks to Kate and Peter for getting us all organised. Continue reading

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How The Virus May Inspire Us…

JJ and owlThis week, CWC member, Jackie Juno, tells us how Covid-19 has forced her to do something she’s been meaning to do for years: offer her Creative Writing classes online.

“A mixture of laziness, technophobia, procrastination and managing OK without all that stuff thank-you, has delayed my zoom onto Zoom up to now. Continue reading

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Maureen On The Radio

Maureen 2

Maureen Boon

We’re certainly living in strange times at the moment. And for some of us, it’s providing the opportunity to do new or different things with our lives and our work. This week, CWC member Maureen Boon tells us about her first experience of reading a story on the radio.

“At the suggestion of my friend and illustrator, Deirdre, I emailed Radio Devon offering to read one of the extracts from my two books. I expected to hear nothing, or a polite refusal. Continue reading

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