Breaking Away From Zoom part 2

Last week, we told you about a few members of Chudleigh Writers’ Circle who ventured out into the countryside for a physical, albeit socially-distanced, get-together after six months of Zoom meetings. And how the event led not only to a lot of chatter and laughter, but also some creative juices flowing. This week, we bring you this whimsical piece of prose by Jean Grimsey.

Five and a dog go for a socially distanced walk

“Let’s go for a walk, said Maureen. Anyone who wants to can come. I’ll bring my dog.

All good walks need a dog. And trees and blue sky and the sun. So five and a dog met up for a walk, and there were trees and a blue sky and the sun. All suitably distanced, so much so that three parked in the wrong place but we got together in the end. There we are in the photo: Ian and Lisa and Maureen and half of me.

And Poppy the dog and an invisible photographer called Jackie. Thank you so much for the photos, Jackie.

We talked about which way to go and the trees and the mushrooms (including magic ones), and who could have lived in the funny little house. And how big the ants were. And who or what lived in the holes in the trees. I came over all Christopher Robiny and thought one of them must be a Wol hole, it looked like the perfect Wolery.

Poppy found the going hard on her paws and took it slowly. I sympathised with her, I found the going hard on my paws, sorry feet, too and ambled along at my own speed.

I wanted so much to walk to the top of the hill, to see what was on the other side, to walk on further and further but for once I was sensible and turned back when I could just see the beginnings of the Moor and the gentle beauty that lay ahead.

I walked back the way we had come, spirits lifted. This particular late Summer there is something very special about spending time in the open, talking and enjoying the company of others. If there is an Indian Summer in October perhaps we could do it again?”

Jean Grimsey

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One response to “Breaking Away From Zoom part 2

  1. Very encouraging. I’m part of Gateway Writers in Bournemouth and none of us are great Zoom fans. Really inspired by your group blog.

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